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What is mobile voting | Mobile Voting

What is mobile voting

Mobile voting is a public awareness campaign forming part of doctoral research currently being undertaken through the University of New England to identify and address the issues with implementing a successful mobile Internet e-Voting platform for Australian elections.

Mobile Internet e-Voting refers to the ability to cast a ballot via a connected device at any time from anywhere (provided a sustainable Internet connection is available), this is also referred to as "mobile casting".

For mobile voting to achieve success in Australia, any proposed solution needs to accomplish two primary challenges:

  1. provide the ability to conduct of free, fair and credible elections, and
  2. provide benefits over and above the current paper based election system.

This research will be used to provide an important assessment on the readiness of mobile Internet e-Voting for use in Australian elections. The aims and objectives of this research will encompass the following:

  • Provide a basis on what Internet e-Voting is, more specifically what is mobile Internet e-Voting;
  • Analyse past and current trails and implementations of Internet e-Voting around the world;
  • Define what is required to implement Internet e-Voting and what cryptographic primitives are implement to address identified challenges for mobile voting;
  • What we believe through research of scholarly documents is required to develop trust with Internet e-Voting;
  • Conduct a vulnerability analysis on mobile Internet e-Voting in Australia;
    • In particular to conduct a survey on what are the impediments believed to be holding survey groups from utilising mobile Internet e-Voting technology.
  • Analyse the findings and recommend solutions a possible solution to alleviate the found concerns;
  • Utilise the research to give a perceived perspective on readiness of mobile Internet e-Voting for use in Australian elections.

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